Friday, June 17, 2011

Safety Tip: Essential Oils to Avoid During Pregnancy

Essential oils can be very helpful during pregnancy for treating morning sickness, stretch marks, and mood swings. It can also be very beneficial during labor for pain, relaxation, tearing and bleeding. However there are some safety cautions to follow during pregnancy.

First avoid all oils that have hormonal or estrogenic properties such as: clary sage, sage, calamus, aniseseed, myrtle, wild tansy, fennel, blue tansy, tarragon, and cypress. A woman's hormonal balance is very important when pregnant especially in the early stages. I would personally avoid these in the second half of your cycle after ovulation if you are trying to get pregnant as well.

You will also want to pay extra close attention to the other oils you use. As you research the oil in your reference material see if the oil is abortifactant. That term means that the oil can cause spontaneous abortion. So avoid those oils.

Lastly, use caution with all oils you use. Remember your body is different now so oils that you didn't react to before may work completely different on you now. I would start with only half of what you used to use and evaluate your reaction and build from there. I would also suggest sticking with blends where possible. Blends contain all the oils you need to treat a problem, but in smaller doses.

Congratulations on the new life growing inside of you!!!! I encourage you to look at how oils can help you during birth and look forward to hearing your testimonies.

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