Friday, June 17, 2011

Essential Oil Side Effects

Essential Oil Side Effects

You get your bottle of essential oil in the mail and start applying it and immediately get a pounding headache, kidney pain or a nasty rash. “What happened?” “I want my money back!” Well let’s look at two possible reasons for your reaction and how to avoid future reactions to essential oils.

The first reason you may experience side effects involve a trigger of a cleanse. Essential Oils because of their chemical structure often trigger your body to cleanse of toxins. This release of toxins can cause kidney pain, headache or a rash. If you experience this effect slow down on the essential oil usage to allow your body to naturally and slowly detoxify. Try using a little less oil and mix it well with carrier oil. Also drink lots of water to aid your system of ridding the poisons from your body. Most negative reactions to essential oils fall in this category.

The second reason would be a simple allergy to the plant the oil was derived from. Essential Oils are very concentrated plant materials so you may have handled a particular plant before without a reaction, but when exposed to such a concentrated dose your body may have triggered an immune reaction. Allergic reactions are rare and usually mild for essential oils.

If you have side effects from the oils assume first that it is your body detoxifying and slow down your use of the oils. Remember little is much with essential oils. If you decrease the amount of the oil and try it over several days then you can assume that you are allergic to it.

Please remember to use your oils responsibly. Start small and build up to what your body needs.

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