Monday, September 16, 2013

Estrogen Dominance: Phytoestrogens and Xenoestrogens

Anyone stuggling with estrogen dominance has to reduce the amount of estrogens cycling in their system.  If you take a progesterone supplement and all of the receptors are full of estrogen the progesterone can't do its work. 

I'm sure you have already heard from your Doctor that if you lose weight your symptoms will get better.  I have heard that quite a few times, however as you all know, when you are estrogen dominant the weight comes off very slowly.  So it is difficult to reduce the amount of estrogen by just cutting down on your fat cells.  So just to be clear, yes you need to lose weight but in the mean time you need to work on cutting out estrogen from other sources.

Xenoestrogens are chemically or synthetically derived and, while they differ from estrogens your body produces they can minic the effects, contributing to your overload.  So you need to avoid Xenoestrogens from heated plastic, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, laundry soap, sunblock etc.  The list of products containing estrogens is very large.  To be safe read the ingredients and unless you have verified that each chemical on the back is not a Xenoestrogen DO NOT put it on your body.  On this blog you can view some ideas on getting started such as going NO POO and making your own Lotions.  Making your own laundry soap or using soap nuts is also an option. 

Phytoestrogens are one of the category of Xenoestrogens and they are limited to estrogen mimics that come from plants.  Unfortunately almost all essential oils fit in this category on some level.  Now normally if your body didn't need that estrogen and your liver was functioning properly the estrogen components of the oils would be flushed out of your system, however with those of us that are estrogen dominant that is not the case.  As you use your essential oils you are in essence adding estrogen to your already over loaded system and your liver can't keep up.

Stay tuned for the next article to view a listing of essential oils that do not contain a significant amount of estrogen mimics and those that do. 

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  1. You mentioned boosting your progesterone naturally. How so?

  2. You mentioned boosting your progesterone naturally. How so?

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  4. I'm 44 year old my estragon is so high. The Dr had no answer and was not going to help me so I want to do it the healthy way.

  5. Been using essential oils, my estrogen went from 20 to 65 in 2 months. Please Help

  6. i am a male in my mid50's and I just got results of my 17 hprogesterone at 1313 normal range 130. I found out something was abnormal when I realize I was too sensitive, cry for stupid reasons. How can I bring it down naturally?


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