Thursday, June 16, 2011

Safety Tip: Little is Much!!!

Safety Tip: Little is Much!!!

If you have ever heard the Christian Hymn “Little is Much When God is In It”, then you know the perfect rule of thumb for essential oils. With your pure therapeutic grade essential oils you need to start with a little. Don’t put on your first oil application with more than one drop. Start with one drop of essential oil diluted with one drop of carrier oil and see how your body reacts. If it is not enough then slowly increase the oil and keep notes on how your body is reacting.

Some side effects from too much oil can include rashes and headaches. Some oils trigger a detox of your system which can cause unwanted side effects. If you start with a small amount your body will detoxify at a rate that is more comfortable, where if you use too much oil you could become extremely uncomfortable.

So with essential oils “Little is Much”.

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