Monday, February 4, 2013

Are you Incurable? Personal Responsibility

"There are no incurable diseases-only incurable people!!  

Last week, we were discussing this quote from the Butterfly Miracles Herbal Remedies book and  I wrote about those who were incurable because they lacked follow through. This week I want to talk about those who are incurable because of lack of interest and personal responsibility.

The second type of incurable person is:

"People who are not interested in thinking and learning and taking responsibility for themselves.  It is almost impossible to know every symptom, every feeling and every nuance of a person's health and accomplish as much good for them as they could accomplish for themselves by taking some responsibility and obtaining even a little bit of knowledge."

Essential Oils and any alternative medicine require you to spend time doing research, reading and experimenting with remedies.  In our current lifestyles, for the most part, we rely on others to do our thinking and researching for us.  Often when we go to the doctor, we sit in front of the "expert" and leave doing exactly what they say or more specifically taking the pill or having the surgery they suggest.  Rarely do people do research or spend time thinking about their health in our mainstream society.

I assume that by your reading this blog, you are interested in your health, which is the first step.  If you are already seeking knowledge then work to increase the knowledge and understanding of the health of your family members through reading and journaling.  It is a good idea to keep a symptom journal for each of your family members.  How can you start to see patterns or know if a remedy has worked if you don't have data?  This journal can also include the essential oils/herbals tried and diet changes you have made.  The more specific the better.

This concept meant the most to me as I have dealt with friends and family around me.  There are so many that I know would be helped by the knowledge I have gained.  However before we invest the time and money into offering alternative remedies make sure the person is ready to take responsibility for their health.

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