Monday, January 14, 2013

Grief for a Baby Boy

The loss of someone you love is filled with emotional and physical stresses that are indescribable.  Everyone's road through grief and loss is unique.  Emotions can range from devastation to anger and we will look at some of those emotions in more detail in a later article.  Physically your body goes through sleepless nights, exhaustion and a weakened immune system.  While essential oils can do nothing to ease your grief or make your loss any less painful, they can help your body cope with the range of emotions and situations you may face.  As your emotions change and evolve essential oils can help ease some of the intensiveness of your feelings,  allowing you more perspective. 

Oils such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Palmarosa, Sweet Orange, Clementine and Anthropogon can be used during your grieving process.  Butterfly Express also sells several blends such as Believe, Heart Song, Trust, Baby Me, Whispering Hope, Wisdom, Letting Go, Sanctuary, Magi, Millenia, Benediction, Reconciliation and Turmoil.  You can click on any of the above oils to view their descriptions.  The oil you will use will depend on the circumstances of your loss and how you are feeling.  You can apply the oils as a perfume on your chest, neck and behind your ears.  You can also soak in a relaxing bath by adding the essential oil to baking soda or Epsom salt.  My favorite would be to add the oils to either a personal diffuser  necklace or a home diffuser and have the essential oil continually surrounding you.

The subject of grief was brought to my mind by a very tragic event that happened to a family in our church.  They were new to our church body and their walk with Jesus.  On New Years Eve their car was rear ended by a drunk driver and their 2 month old baby boy was killed.   Here is an article about the crash.   Robert Cecola Jr went to be the Lord and my heart breaks for his dear mother.  If I am crying writing this down, I can only begin to imagine how she is feeling.  This family was in the process of moving from Texas to Illinois and had all of their possessions in the car that was totaled.  They are in desperate need of love and support.

For the month of January MyButterflyOils will be donating 20% of the profits to this family.  If you are considering ordering any essential oils please pray for this family and know a portion of your order will bless them.

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  1. Oh, how terribly sad! I will say a prayer for that little baby's family!


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