Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you an Incurable Person?

I was reading in the herbal remedy book written by LaRee Westover and published by Butterfly Express and I found this treasure of a concept.

 There are no incurable diseases-only incurable people!

This may be the single most important concept I have ever read or written about in regards to essential oils and healing.  Reading further LaRee breaks down and defines who incurable people are.  I would like to take a look in this next series at each of her categories so we can examine if we are, with our actions and attitudes making ourselves incurable.  The book says:

Incurable people fall into the following categories:

a.) People who will not follow the program outlined, or follow through with what is needed on a regular basis.

Seriously, how many of us are standing in our bodies way of healing itself?  I know I'm guilty.  I can't count the number of times I set out on a regime of herbs and/or oils and I fail to follow through, which is why years later I am still struggling with the same ailments.  Whether you spend thousands of dollars on a naturopathic doctor or you devise your own plan from reading websites and books, if you don't follow through with the program there will be no healing.

A key to the above concept is "Regular Basis".  Herbs and Essential oils need to be used with consistency.  There are times in first aid type situations where oils and herbs can work immediately, however for long term disease or chronic conditions it may take weeks or months of working with an herb for your body to fully heal.    We must have the fortitude and self discipline to stick with a program to give our bodies the time they need to regenerate healthy cells.

So lets together commit that we are not going to be incurable people!!  If we start a program lets promise to give it at least 3 months to work before we even think about changing it or stopping in discouragement.   For my family, I am committing to putting deliverance on my son's feet every morning and night to help his immune system.  I am setting calender reminders in my ipad and phone so that we can have victory over his weakened immune system.  What program are you on and what is your commitment?
Stay tuned for the next article for the second category of incurable people.

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  1. Oh you are so right! I am good about sticking to what I need to do but my family is a different matter!

  2. Oh I know about that. This exact problem is what gets in my way so often when trying to help by brothers and/or my parents. My father has breathing problems and is recovering from Lung cancer so I sent him some wonderful oils and herbs. He tried them once and deemed they didnt work for him. I just know that if he did it consistently he would find some relief...but what can you do???


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