Thursday, November 29, 2012

Using Essential Oils for the Hoidays

Happy Holidays everyone!! As we all start extending the hand of hospitality this season I thought it would be good to see how essential oils can help us get our homes and hearts ready for company. Nothing gets you in the right mindset for the season than the wonderful smells associated with the holiday. A wonderful bonus to using essential oils verses candles, air fresheners etc is the antiviral and antibacterial properties in the oils.  You will be scenting your home while helping to keep your air free of germs.  Your essential oils can be used in several ways.
  1.  In your Diffuser. This is of course the easiest way to spread the scent to your entire home. 
  2.  Add a few drops of essential oils to a pan boiling on the stove. 
  3.  Burn a candle (plain scented is best) until a wax puddle forms and then add a drop or two of essential oil. 
  4. Refresh new or old potpouri by adding drops of essential oils.
  5. Make your own room spray by using filtered water and drops of EO.  Add the drops until when you spray you are getting a nice strong smell.
  6. Add essential oils to your tree, especially if it is fake.  Either make a room spray to mist on the tree or just add drops here and there to the branches to give your fake tree a refreshing pine smell.
Those are just a few ideas, however essential oils for scenting are only limited by your imagination.  Here is a list of my favorite Holiday Oils.

Single Oils
  1. Cinnamon Bark
  2. Clove
  3. Cassia
  4. Allspice
  5. Pine
Oil Blends
  1.  Bountiful
  2. CinnamonBear
  3. Holiday Spirit
  4. Spice C
I hope this gives you some ideas on how to use your oils to make your season a little brighter.  Stay tuned this month for articles on:
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  1. there are a lot of great essential oils that can do a lot of different things. When you find an essential oil that works for you it can change your life in a dramatic way. On a lighter note I think that is is really fun to use specific oils for specific seasons as well. It really spruces up the atmosphere.


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