Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Essential Oil Pain Relief

This past weekend my wonderful husband and I had a weekend planned at a bed and breakfast in Ardmore Oklahoma.  The Shiloh Morning Inn has 70 acres including some wonderful walking trails with hidden couples hammocks.  So I was very excited as I headed to my husband's work on Friday to make our way out of town.  In the parking lot as I walked around the vehicle I fell over a large crack in the sidewalk.  I twisted my foot and landed on my knee.  It was very painful and I had had to sit there for a few minutes before getting up. As we drove the hour and a half to Oklahoma my foot was in a lot of pain on the side.  Elevated on the dashboard I got the most relief, but when I put my foot back on the floor the pain was almost unbearable.

Thankfully I had packed my oils and I had recently read about a pain formula method using essential oils.  This pain method used your feet and a series of oils to determine the cause of the pain and help treat it.  .

B    for Bone = Wintergreen

C    for Circulation = Cypress

I    for Inflammation = Copaiba, Peppermint

L    for Ligaments = Lemongrass, Helichrysum

M    for Muscle = Marjoram

V    for Virus = Oregano

 If you are working on yourself access your pain level.(pain scale between 1-10, 10 being the worst).  Apply the oils one at a time to the Vita Flex point for the spine on the feet and do the reflex 3 times on each foot.  If you don't know the vita flex points just google the term and you will see many charts under images.

Start out with Wintergreen for the bone  and just work your way down the list.  After each application give it a few minutes then re access your pain.

After doing the reflex 3 times on each foot, you should walk (or if unable to just try to move the injured area a bit)  around and see if the pain level has dropped.  If it has dropped then you know that some of the problem is being caused by bone.

Now apply Marjoram and see how this effects your pain. Then use Lemongrass to see if some of the problem is coming from ligaments.Continue this process with each oil on the above list until most or all of the pain had dissipated.

You can then go to the location of the injury or source of the pain and apply all the oils you saw results with from your feet.

For my ankle I actually skipped the diagnosis stage and just went ahead and applied all of the oils, except oregano, to my injury about every 2 hours.  Within 12 hours I could put weight on my foot and with 48 hours all pain and discomfort were gone as if the injury never happened.

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