Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Postpartum with Essential Oils-Part 3: Milk Supply

Breastfeeding your baby is the most wonderful and natural part of postpartum.  However it is not always as beautiful and natural as you would hope when problems arise.  Essential oils can help smooth out the process so you and your little one will be satisfied and happy.

To start off right, a few hours after birth start applying Clary Sage essential oil under your arms diluted with carrier oil.  This will help bring in your milk strong and more quickly.

If you are struggling with the amount of milk you are producing essential oils can help.  Fennel or Basil applied with a carrier oils directly to your breasts will help increase your milk.  Peppermint with a cold compress applied directly will help to reduce your milk.

That sweet little baby can at times wreck havoc so if you have sore or cracked nipples apply German Chamomile or the blend Baby Me.  Make sure to clean yourself before nursing.

Finally the worst problem you can encounter while nursing is Mastitis.  Peppermint or Lavender will be a great help for the pain. With Mastitis the best help is prevention so if your nipples start to crack treat them right away so it doesn't turn into mastitis.  Tea Tree can also be a good help in clearing up the nasty infection, so apply with a carrier oil directly on the inflamed infected tissue. 

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