Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Postpartum with Essential Oils Part 2

Our last article focused on the first few hours after birth and now let's cover a few more oils that will help in the first few days after giving birth.

If you have had multiple pregnancies your uterus may have to work a bit harder to to come back into shape which will plague you with some intense cramping/contractions the first few days after labor.  Millenia is the first oil to reach for in these first few days.  Apply it each time you start to feel these contractions to speed up and aid in the healing and folding of your uterus.  You can also use an oil for pain such as Paine or Deeper applied to the abdomen as well when each cramping happens.

Your perineum will also continue to need care at this stage.  Whether you have torn or not, apply essential oils to sooth and help heal the skin.  The essential oil Baby Me is a wonderful blend and is also helpful if you apply it to the perineum leading up to birth to help that skin be nice and elastic.  Lavender is another oil to consider to calm the inflamed and sensitive skin.  You can mix oils with a carrier and apply by hand, but if you want to prevent any unwanted bacteria in the area then mix oil with some distilled water in a small spray bottle, shake before each use and spray area when using the bathroom.

In Part 3 of this Series, helping in your postpartum recovery, we will discuss milk supply.  You can also look forward to articles on your emotions (baby bonding and depression) as well as treating the umbilical cord.

In Part 1 of this series read about  Essential oils to use in the first few minutes after your birth.

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