Monday, September 24, 2012

Postpartum with Essential Oils Part 1

So your beautiful blessing from God has arrived and you are done with all of the changes to you your body right?? Wrong, your body is still transitioning and may need some support along the way.  Stay tuned for several articles this week with tips on oils that will help carry you through the first few weeks after birth.

For our first article let's look at the oils that may be helpful in the first few minutes after birth.

Retained Placenta:  Rub Basil diluted with a carrier oil on your abdomen and then get up and move around  a bit.

Hemorrhage:  Of course be careful with this one and yield to your midwives direction, however having these oils on hand at your birth may save you a trip to the emergency room.  Ylang Ylang and/or Helichrysum can be helpful by causing the uterus to clamp down.  Apply by diluting with a carrier oil and applying to the abdomen. You can use Geranium in the same way .  Geranium oil also aids in the contraction of the uterus, pulls together stretched and dilated tissues and constricts abdominal blood vessels. Cayenne Pepper tincture or capsules will also help slow a hemorrhage.  Combine the tincture with water or juice.  You can go as high as 30-40 drops and continue often until the bleeding slows. Shepherds purse tincture under the tongue can also help.  I'm sure you are hoping and praying for an uneventful delivery, however make sure you are prepared with at least one oil/herb for hemorrhage.

Re-Aligning your Body:
Millenia is a must have for post postpartum.  It will help to fold and firm the uterus.  It also helps your pelvis and hips move back into their proper position.  Dilute Millenia with a carrier oil and apply to abdomen, lower back and along your hips.  Do not use Millenia until the placenta has been delivered or you.

Check back later in the week to read more about  postpartum depression, bringing in your milk, baby bonding, umbilical cord care and perineum care.

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