Monday, September 3, 2012

Calming a Hurt Child

If your children are anything like mine, when they get hurt often getting them to calm down so you can address their problem is the hardest part.  They may kicking, screaming or crying.  Sometimes I don't even know where the injury is or what happened.  I have also experienced them guarding the wound because they are afraid I would hurt them.  This can be frustrating and add more stress to my already anxious heart.  That's why when my child comes to me with an injury the first oil I grab is Tranquility by Butterfly Express.  There are also equivalents made by YL and DoTerra

Tranquility is a combination of oils including blue tansy, geranium, chamomile German, lavender, palmarosa, patchouli, orange sweet, tangerine, ylang ylang.  

The smell is a combination of floral and wood, which when you first open the bottle is not going to be your favorite scent, but after wearing it for 5 minutes or so it really grows on you.  I use this oil often for my own stress and anxiety but for this article I will describe two incidences with children where this oil was invaluable.

Scenario 1:  We had a driveway that was slanted towards the road so my son and his friend were enjoying sitting on their tricycles picking up their feet and racing down the hill.  Of course with my mother's instinct I could forsee the future injury, but the boys were ecstatic and their fathers seemed to be having just as much fun so I went inside the house to keep from fretting.  Lo and behold a few minutes later here comes my husband at a run carrying my son with blood running down his face.  My son was screaming and crying in much distress. I couldn't immediately see the wound because of all his blood so my first thought was I need to slow down the bleeding so I can see the wound to see if we need to go to the hospital or if it is minor, however with him in such a state of distress trying to get him to hold still became the first priority.  I got the tranquility first and started putting drops on the front of his shirt then under his nose and he immediately started quieting to where I could place him on the counter.  Then I used blue yarrow to stop the bleeding and he was out the door and back to racing withing 5 minutes.  

Scenario 2:  Even though I know the power of oil sometimes they still amaze me.  I was at church and some children came into our fellowship hall with a young boy about 5 who was screaming and crying.  They said he had been stung by a wasp.  A lady grabbed him and took him to the kitchen and made a baking soda and lavender paste to draw out the poison, which worked wonderfully well, however the boy was still very upset screaming, crying and calling for his father.  I took my Tranquility, put two drops on the front of his shirt, a drop on my finger for under his nose and then a drop on his neck.  It was amazing to see how quickly it worked.  He had calmed down before I even got the lid back on the bottle.  I had him take some deep breaths with me and within just a minute he was ready to get down and wasn't in anymore pain or discomfort.  Many of the women around me were amazed at how quickly the Tranquility worked.

So keep your Tranquility nearby, taking the time to put just a drop or two on your child before dealing with the crisis with be worth it.

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  1. I use Tranquility when my heart starts beating too fast, I have heart palpitations, and it works great. It also smells wonderful and everyone compliments me on my "perfume".

  2. I use it to calm down as well, I get tension headaches if I get anxious or angry so some tranquility in a stressful situation helps me as well.

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