Thursday, July 12, 2012

Decrease Healing Time of Broken Bones

As most of you know, my sweet husband, broke his ankle playing soccer with the children at church.  We are nearing the end of our journey with this handicap as he is set to stop wearing his boot on July 18th.  So I wanted to recap all of the natural remedies we used to speed the healing.  For supplements we went with Standard Process (our favorite source of herbs and supplements) and he took Boswellia complex (to reduce pain and inflammation) and wheat germ oil (to help with tissue regeneration).

For essential oils we used:  Lavender ( aid in scar healing), Lemongrass (for tendon, ligament and tissue healing), Paine Oil Blend (for pain of course) Deeper Blend (for sore muscles around the break and on the other leg because of the way he had to walk), Wintergreen (pain and soreness) and Millenia Blend (to realign the bones).

As much as I hope none of your families have to go through a break like this, I do hope this information will aid in healing more quickly someone else's loved one.

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