Monday, April 9, 2012

Tranquility for Shock

I had been feeling the last few weeks a bit of writers block. I use essential oils for so many things, however it had started to feel like I had written about them all, however on Thursday Night my block was cleared up in a big way!! My wonderful husband fell playing soccer and broke his ankle. If you feel on your ankle the two bumps one on each side, he broke both of those which is called a Bimalleolar.

So someone comes to me and says Jeff is on the ground and he can't get up and he is asking for you. I run outside and there he is on the ground with a crowd around him. He is very white and he says to me "My ankle is broke, really bad." I got into first aid mode and know I have to get his knee high moccasins off right away or we would have to cut them off, we were able to get those off without jarring the

ankle, however we noticed the first signs of shock coming on. He was sweating so bad we had to mop off his forehead and he was starting to shiver and said he was cold. We got him a blanket and covered him and then rubbed some Tranquility oil onto his neck, chest and then put a drop on the lapels of his shirt. Within just a few minutes he had stopped sweating and was better able to communicate with us. We were able to splint his ankle and then with much assistance put him in the car to head to the emergency room.

In the car he started to go into shock again, he started grunting with pain, sweating and shaking. As soon as we arrived I mopped him up and re-applied tranquility and again he came out of it in just a few minutes. I kept that bottle handy and applied it several more times to help keep him calm. He even asked for it once saying he was feel
ing kind of tense. It made me laugh, one of the nurses even commented, "Wow you are so Stoic"... little did she know I had him breathing tranquility.

We have since found out that he will require surgery because of how far the bone is displaced, so look for many more updates with the oils we will use.

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