Monday, April 30, 2012

Diffuser Necklace Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations to Shelly Current the winner of the Diffuser necklace giveaway.  It will be a great addition to your essential oil experience.  I have several necklaces I wear daily, sometimes even inside my clothing when I want to wear a cute necklace outside.  One drop on each side will last all day and I can breathe in the healing oils.  Here are some of the oils I use on my necklace and why:
1. Roman Chamomile:  Allergies
2.  Melissa: Allergies
3 Beloved:  Stressful days with the children
4. Crystal Clear:  To think more clearly
5. Breezy: To clear my airways and help myself to breathe deeper
6. Energy:  Energy
7. Wake Up: To jump start my day when I am feeling a bit tired.
8. Bountiful: Money Stress
9.  Spice C: If I am feeling ill or going somewhere I know someone is sick
10. Cinnamon: Same uses as spice C
11. Geranium:  Just because it smells so pretty
12. Ylang Ylang:  For dates with my husband !!

Shelley I hope you enjoy your necklace.  Just visit My Butterfly Oils and respond with your necklace choice and it will be mailed to you right away!!  

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  1. Help. I am trying to contact you, cara. I tried on your biz site but it said the email address wasn't right. need help with oils :)


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