Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Allergy Relief with Essential Oils

Sneezing, Running nose, itchy throat, itchy ears, dry irritated eyes.  I hear your pain.  About one to two weeks a year, in the spring,  I experience allergies in the extreme.  Two oils have been invaluable in my allergy fight.  The first is Roman Chamomile which is a very versatile calming oil and a must have for your essential oil medicine cabinet.  Chamomile will soothe inflamed tissues in your nose and sinuses giving you allergy relief..  It is a natural antihistamine.   Another oil you can use for some relief would be Melissa.  Melissa is a very powerful oil with many amazing uses, one of which would be for allergies. Melissa is also a powerful anti-viral oil and can be used for shock and herpes.

 If you are suffering symptoms you can carry the bottle with you (my husband says just carrying it in his pocket will help his allergies) and when you feel symptoms pull it out and inhale from the bottle, put a few drops on your neck and even under your nose.  I also applied either The Roman Chamomile or the Melissa to my diffuser necklace which I wear every day.  This helped to keep the oils continuously surrounding me and being inhaled.  I also found that diffusing it in the room with you during the day but especially as you sleep to be helpful.  I did end up having to take an over the counter for one day when I was outside quite a bit, but I couldn't have made it as easily through this allergy time without these two oils.

This week, in honor of allergy fighters everywhere, we will be giving away a Personal Diffuser Necklace courtesy of  MY BUTTERFLY OILS.  Diffuser necklaces are a wonderful way to carry your essential oils around with you everywhere you go.  One drop on the necklace and the oil will stay with you all day.   To enter for your chance to win you can do one or all of the following.  Each item you complete will give you an entry to win.

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Each of the above you complete, comment on this article with what you completed.  The Winner will be announced on Friday!  The winner will get to pick a necklace of their choice.  Follow this link to see the options.
 Diffuser Necklaces

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  1. I just signed up to follow your blog via email ~ Elizabeth

  2. Just red the post about scorpions and ticks. We don't have scorpions, thank goodness, but we do have ticks. Thanks for the great info. ~ Elizabeth

  3. I asked to join the essential oil healing group on facebook! ~ Elizabeth

  4. I have done 1-5! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  5. I liked this article on Facebook! ~ Elizabeth

  6. I follow essential oil healing on fb

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  8. Thanks for the information, I've been a long time sufferer of allergies and have been looking for a natural remedy. Allergy medications leave me very groggy and unable to function properly, so I try to use them only when I cant bear my symptoms any more. I'll share your page with all of my NYC allergy sufferer friends.

  9. I tried each OTC antihistamine that was available at the time. It seemed that cetirizine (Zyrtec) was the most effective for my allergy symptoms, especially during the Fall and Spring. Natural Allergy Relief


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