Friday, March 30, 2012

Ticks and Scorpians Beware

Hopefully none of you will ever have to have the knowledge of how to kill ticks and scorpions in your home, however if you live the the south, specifically Texas as I do the chances are you will encounter them at some point. Last year at a new rental we started to discover scorpions in the house, first I took a bowl down and a dead one was inside, then a cup with a live one in it, then one crawling across the kitchen floor. I know, I can hear my husband now...what's the big deal it is a little bug with a long tail. However I lost many nights of sleep envisioning them crawling on the ceiling. or up on my bed or on my children. So here is what we did using essential oils and it was a huge success. I also found out along the way the same remedy will work for ticks. I will give more info on them in a minute.

I read about these expensive treatments for scorpions and they had a basis of cedar so I ordered a 2oz large bottle of Cedarwood oil and I got a small garden sprayer from a local dollar store. I filled it half full of water and I added cedarwood and mixed until when I sprayed it on my hand it smelled strongly of cedarwood. Then I sprayed all the floorboards in my house and all the bases of the beds and bed skirts and even the bottoms of the curtains and windows. We only saw one more scorpion in the house after that and it was dead. It took me a few weeks get get over the anxiety, however the treatment was successful.

Now on to ticks, Cedarwood is also wonderful for ticks. Make up a solution of water and Cedarwood again so when you spray it on you smell the cedarwood strongly. Then you can spray your pets, and your bodies before you go hiking or camping or if you are in Missouri spray it on before you step out the back door. Our friends visited Missouri for the first time last year and tell a hilarious story of stepping out of their car to look at a property in the Ozarks and starting to really panic as they see thousands of ticks suddenly covering their legs. The next time they went out they sprayed down with cedarwood and had no troubles.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this! We live in the woods of New England and are always battling ticks. Off to order some cedarwood! ~ Elizabeth


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