Monday, March 5, 2012

Caraway Melts Your Cares Away

Any sleepless nights out there for mommies of young children with respiratory trouble? Think Car(es)away! I have had great relief in the nasal & bronchial mucus battle of the cold season with my 3 little ones and it has helped my husband too. The essential oil Caraway is not only an expectorant, antispasmodic, & antihistaminic, but it also improves lactation, soothes digestive complaints, & clean wounds and clears bruises. And more...look it up in the Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils. SEE! This is a prime example of the miracle of essential oils. They are so multi-purpose & versatile!

For wet coughs and nose drainage, I apply it to the soles of the feet on the lung reflex area (middle, upper section below the ball of the foot),the bronchial reflex area (in between the 4 lines of bones on top of the feet; working from the outside to the inside of the foot), & on the nasal reflex points (along the base of the toes in the padded section). Vitaflex (rolling finger pads to tips to nails & back to pads again, over & over) it neat using three passes on the foot bottom & dilute 50:50 on the top as needed. On my 10-month old I just massage the whole bottom of the foot with 1 drop. I have lain next to my sick children anxiously while they struggle to settle to sleep and cough every few minutes. Then after 1 application, they breathe clear enough to rest. I reapply in a few hours if needed.

This oil will not cure a cold, however. If you're fighting influenza, infection, or a common cold you have to add a highly antimicrobial oil like Deliverance, Spice C, Oregano, or Cinnamon Bark. Supporting the endocrine system with EndoRelief helps too. Think through all aspects of an illness or injury to target your healing with essential oils.

Written by: Skye Burditt

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