Monday, February 13, 2012

Using your Essential Oils in Food

The more versatile something is...the more it does for you...the more valuable it becomes. On my kitchen spice rack next to the emergency Lavender ;) I have 3 other oils that I use regularly for breakfasts, desserts, & hot beverages. These are essential oils that I originally purchased for their healing aromatic properties and topical applications. Then I ran out of lemon juice and lemons and had the epiphany to try Lemon essential oil. 2-3 drops to make homemade mayonnaise and salad dressing, 1 drop in a cup of herbal tea, 5-6 drops in a batch of cookies & I'm comparing the cost of keeping fresh lemon refrigerated, remembering it on the grocery list, & the time it takes me to process lemons. NO COMPARISON! Using Lemon essential oil in the kitchen is a major time & energy saver for me.
It's the same with Cinnamon Bark. I've used it in cookies, pancakes, cakes, yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, tea, & hot spiced cider. You have to play with the number of drops and keep it conservative because essential oils are so concentrated, that a little goes a very long way. Again, it's been a wise investment to use oils opposed to the ground spice or sticks of bark.
Lastly, vanilla has held it's own in my kitchen too. Pure vanilla extract (not cut with poisonous high fructose corn syrup or addictive cane sugar) is VERY expensive. I also skip on those products with alcohol used as the extracting medium. When u compare the cost of a 10mL bottle of Vanilla essential oil using 5 drops for a batch of popcorn balls or carrot cake compared to even a teaspoon of extract, you will be convinced of the ultimate value in using these essential oils in your food preparation. Check it out for yourself & explore the sheer joy of leaving the hassle (& sometimes harm) of traditional ingredients, & discover using therapeutic grade essential oils of things you would eat anyway in your most frequently prepared foods. I wish I would've made this switch a long time ago.
Oh! And the essential oil combination of Wintergreen and Ginger make great root beer ice cream!
Written By: Skye Burditt

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