Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: Book Review

For those of you who want to take your understanding of essential oils to the "how they do what they do" level, I recommend reading The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple (God's Love Manifest in Molecules) by David Stewart, PhD, DNM. It is truly a thick book of chemistry put into everyday language, real life situations, & understandable theory for the use of essential oils. This kind of information can train you to choose which oils are better for which desired outcome & how to use the oils you have more diversely.
For example, "essential oils possess homeostatic intelligence." Pg. 59 this means they work to balance the biological functions of an organism. One oil can work differently in people depending on their bodies' needs. "Oregano oil will kill hostile microbes while nurturing those that are friendly. Myrtle oil is an adaptigen that can stimulate an increase or a decrease in thyroid activity depending on a person's condition." Pg. 60
It is also chocked full of charts and lists to help you understand how oils fit into different classifications.
Reading this book took my understanding of oils from merely looking up a symptom and following the recommended use of it to scanning ingredient lists of blends and being able to visualize how each component would effect a certain medical problem or body part & work synergistically together. It has also empowered me to think creatively about how to use oils and problem solve with a wider range of tools.
The book is arranged in such a way that it reads easily (very short sections) but also can be referenced quickly (thorough Table of Contents & Index.) It contains an excellent glossary & extensive bibliography. Stewart reviews many other essential oil books in the beginning and the end of the book has a resource section for more books, DVD'S, & training in essential oils.

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