Monday, January 16, 2012

Pleurisy, Adult Asthma and Essential Oils Oh My!!

My husband has had serious lung issues for years. Like clockwork, the airborne allergens peak and contribute to his already weakened immune system kicking into overdrive and the mucus just keeps coming. Within 2 or 3 days, he has an infection within the lining of his right lung, and each time he breaths deeply a stabbing pain comes to the ribs. After being hospitalized 3 times for this in 3 years, we had to find a better way. In the world of essential oils we found such relief that puts pharmaceuticals to shame. Remembering that essential oil molecules are smart in that they go to the hurting place within the body & that they're small enough to pass through skin, muscle, cells, & even the blood-brain barrier, we've come to depend on several for these bouts of pleuritic pain.
First, to kill the infection we use garlic to the feet. Yes, that's right. The bottoms of his feet right in the center just below the ball of his foot is the lung reflex area coordinating through the nervous system to his lungs. The essential oil of garlic is VERY PUNGENT! Once we've opened the bottle downstairs our three-year old can smell it upstairs in a minute and comes down to find out, "Who opened the garlic?" We Vita-flex (vitality through the reflexes) 2 drops neat to this area 3-4 times a day. Vita-flexing is done by pressing the pads of the fingers on the reflex point with just enough pressure to whiten the skin, roll the finger up to the tips maintaining the pressure, then flipping the fingers over to the nail bed (keep them trimmed short!), & back again to the pads. Repeat this 3 times then reload oils to the fingers for 2 more passes. This can be utilized on all kinds of reflex points. We keep his feet covered in specially labelled "garlic" socks because it really will smell up the whole room. We only use garlic oil when we won't be leaving the house anytime soon. ;)Secondly, I put 3-4 drops of Turmeric or Paine blend (Cumin would be good here too, we just haven't had the opportunity to try it) in 8-10 drops of Almond carrier oil (he has a big chest) to the ribs and apply a warm compress (a thick bath towel slightly moistened & heated in the oven @230 degrees for 20 minutes) to combat the inflammation.Thirdly, if there's a lot of mucus I use Caraway to the feet to aid in expectoration. If not, I diffuse or he takes capsules ("00" size diluted 50:50 with 4 drops of essential oil) of Ravensara, Aspire blend, or Breezey blend to help the asthma symptoms.
With these oils working in conjunction, he is back on his feet in 3 DAYS! It used to take 2-3 weeks for him to be able to function normally even on narcotic pain killers and antibiotics! What an amazing recovery difference. Get the word out...there are other options to hospitals readily available and they (well, some ;) smell great!!

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