Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ouch, This Cavity Hurts!!

I have hole in my tooth where a filling fell out last year and rather than paying for the dentist to repair it, for now I am attempting to heal it with essential oils and build my teeth with egg shells. However from time to time something I eat will stab me right in that hole and pain will radiate up my cheek bone and my eye will throb. My favorite source of relief is Clove Oil. I put it strait on my finger and rub it on the tooth and the surrounding gums. It immediately numbs he area and provides some much needed relief. I usually follow that up with some Paine oil on the outside of my face along the cheek and jaw bone. I was once in a health food store and visiting with the sales lady and she spoke to me about a holistic dentist in area who bought the clove in large bottles. He would then rub the clove on the gum before administering the numbing shot. It helped numb the area so the shots didn't hurt. So if you have any sort of mouth pain, I recommend reaching for the clove.
Written By: Cara Hembd

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  1. Hmm, it can be a good first aid remedy, but you cannot expect it to be a long-lasting remedy to your problem. It is still best to seek dental advice on what you can do with it. After all, it's your dental health that is on the line

    [Glenn Koehm]

  2. Clove oil can be first aid, however it can also be preventative and help fight gum disease, cavities and many other dental ailments. I have since reading this article had the hole in my tooth filled again, however I know there are many out there who like me, do not have insurance to pay for the high prices dental "treatments" and often need help in getting by while we save the money. There are many oil testimonials of healing cavities with Cinnamon, Clove and Blends such as Spice C and Deliverance. With consistently using oils and a reduced sugar and carbonation intake many dental issues can be dealt with at home without seeking out the professionals. Thanks for your concern and I hope others will learn to take more of their dental health and other health into their own hands. I like how you said dental "advice". It is my sincere hope that people in general will take that approach to their health understanding it is our own individual ultimate responsibility for our health and use the doctors and dentists as advice givers rather than lifting them up to the godlike status as many do.

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