Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lavender Saves the Day Again!!

I dumped a pot of 200 degree water on my foot. It all happened much too quickly. I was trying to open the bathroom door & hold a stockpot of really hot water intended for saving a bath gone lukewarm. Knowing I was in trouble before the last quart slipped out, I set the pot down on the saturated floor & exited speedily with 'sound effects' as I flung my soaked socks away. Thankfully I keep a clearly-labeled bottle of therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil in the kitchen next to the stove for burns & other cooking first-aid. Within 8 seconds I had several drops applied neat (straight, no dilution) to the top & instep of my left foot. Just as the intense heat of the potential burn set in to my skin, the Lavender began calming it. Within 5 minutes the pain returned, so I reapplied Lavender & closely inspected for damage. I had a red circle of about 4" in diameter around the top & inside edge of my foot. However, I had used Lavender before & was expecting it to not let me down. 15 minutes later the pain returned again, & I reapplied Lavender. Within 2 hours it was time for bed and the redness had decreased to 2 asymmetrical spots about the size of quarters at the base of my big toe joint. I had no lingering pain, so I put fresh socks on & slept. Next morning I forgot I had potentially burned myself until it was time to put my shoes on. I removed my sock to find 2 red spots diminished to the size of dimes, smooth & healthy skin (no blistering), & another strong testimony of the power of Lavender. I was satisfied with my results & left off treating it anymore. The red spots disappeared over the course of the next month but finally surfaced as dry, flaky skin as there was cell damage deep within the epidermis from the penetrating heat. Skin rejuvenation, pain reduction, & burn protection are merely a few of the vast healing benefits of the "mother of oils"....Lavender!
Skye Burditt

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