Monday, January 9, 2012


Hydrocodone is a beast! My husband recently endured a very debilitating illness lasting many months, & inflammation of the brain & nervous system was a primary symptom. He started with the 500/5mg dosage but upped it to 325/10mg in hopes of enough pain relief to function a little throughout the day. What a deception pharmaceutical drugs are! 5 weeks later he knew it what was time to face the nasty withdrawal symptoms & get unhooked from the pain meds. I found a recipe online by Gary D. Young for 100% pain control during surgeries he assisted with essential oils. Other people had used the homemade blend for pain control for a broken neck and a slipped disk. After 5 days of supporting the liver & flushing the Vicodon poison out of his system, he wa
s free & now manages his pain with a blend of four therapeutic grade essential oils. The recipe is:

20 drops Valerian Root
10 drops Helichrysum
5 drops Clove
3 drops Peppermint

This can be taken in a little water orally every 30 minutes until pain is under control then back off as needed OR use an eye dropper to put 1 drop a minute sublingually until pain is under control then 1 drop every 15 minutes as needed OR ingested in 2 "00" capsules. Ingesting even therapeutic grade essential oils incorrectly can be dangerous. Before trying it, you must educate yourself on proper dilution rates, methods of using essential oils, hazards of incorrect use of essential oils, and understanding cleansing responses of the body. This blend can also be altered to target certain types of pain like lemongrass for torn ligaments or balsam fir for muscles. A brief study on how to build your own balanced blends would make this a very versatile pain relief method.

Written By: Skye Burditt

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  1. Wow, that sounds so much better than those addictive pain meds. THanks for sharing at healthy 2Day Wednesday!

  2. I now know three people who have replaced their pain medications with this blend. It is pretty amazing!


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