Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Going Where No X-ray had Gone Before

My husband said he heard a "Pop!" when a friend rolled over his foot in a friendly football tackle maneuver. He tried getting up, but knew from the pain (& the sound!) that something had broken. This was to be my first major injury to treat with essential oils. A little research said to think through the nature of an injury and treat all aspects of it. So, I put together a regime of oils that I hoped would do all of that for a very skeptical patient. Here's what I put together:
  • Wintergreen - to control inflammation
  • Lemongrass - to repair torn ligaments
  • Paine blend - to help with pain & overall healing by increasing circulation
  • Idaho Balsam Fir - to repair broken bone
  • A Homemade Bone Repair Blend - 10 drops Wintergreen, 3 drops Helichrysum, 2 drops Lemongrass, 3 drops Pine, 4 drops Ginger, 4 drops Vetiver
  • Warm Down blend - to repair damaged muscle
  • Patchouli - for emotional aspect of discarding insecurity & being an uncooperative patient

I applied these all several times a day by layering one with carrier oil over another over another. I applied so much essential oil that I dried out the skin on his poor foot and then he had a large patch of peeling skin on top of it all. Whoops! We did these oils for 3 days until my husband became very unsettled by the fact that he had not had an X-ray and didn't really KNOW what was going on inside of his foot. See...about 3 years ago we had our eyes opened to the fact that much of the doctor-hospital-health care system is not about health at all and that much of it does harm that the doctors, hospitals, and health care professionals do not tell you about. While prescribing poison, ordering exams that kill you over time, and sending you bills for wild goose chases without a diagnosis they just "do their job" and get paid pretty well for it. Anyway, so as his anxiety builds about wanting but not wanting an X-ray, I stumble upon the chiropractor-in-a-bottle essential oil, Millenia, and explain to him that if there is a broken bone out of alignment, this oil will set it straight. He scoffs and wants proof. I don't have proof...only trust in the author of the book Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils, in the company, Butterfly Express, that produces the oils, & faith that God wouldn't bring us this far just to fail us. So, he agrees to try the oil with the agreement that if he doesn't think it's working by the next day, then he will head to the emergency room. Agreed. So I put on 2 drops of Millenia neat, and within 2 hours he says, "Well, I don't know what's changed, but the pain has dramatically decreased, and I don't think I'll need an X-ray after all." Hallelujah!

I continued treating his foot like that for 3 weeks then backed off to oils once a day for another 3 weeks. Since then he has walked normally, done high-speed running, and never regretted his decision to heal a broken foot solely with the use of essential oils.

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  1. I used millenia when I broke my wrist and finger this past summer. I also used a brace I bought at Wal-Mart. It was healed in about 4 weeks. I have never healed from anything very quickly so this made me a believer!

  2. Wow! That's incredible. I think I'll have to try some of that out... not that I hope we'll have to use it any time soon!

  3. What a great story!
    It's amazing how we can heal with natural remedies. We healed by daughter's collar bone with essential oils and I have used oils several times on my football playing teenage soon.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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