Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils Book Review

This book written by Laree Westover is a wonderful beginners guide to essential oils. Laree, the owner and founder of Butterfly Express has a simple, yet engaging style of writing that makes learning about essential oils easy and entertaining. I had the book about a year before I actually made it all the way through, however I was able to start using the book right away by skipping to the reference sections of the book. She has a very helpful chart of common ailments and the most common oils to use in treatment. Laree also has listed every single oil and blend Butterfly Express sells with detailed information about both physical and emotional uses for the oils and the most common application methods. In addition the book includes a wonderful pregnancy and hormone section. Most recently as I have started to delve into the more scientific and deeper levels of essential oils, I have discovered very insightful introductions to those topics such as blending, notes, and medical terms. Overall I would highly recommend this book to any beginning or intermediate oil user. It is an inexpensive resource that I use 2-3 times a week in searching for information.

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