Monday, January 2, 2012

Blue Yarrow the Essential Oil You Must Have

If there is one oil I could force everyone to have in their home it would definitely be Blue Yarrow!! A few weeks ago my son hit his chin and bit his tongue and came running into me screaming with blood pouring from his mouth. After I gave him a sniff of Tranquility to calm him I took a napkin and started trying to soak up the blood so I could identify the wound. However it was bleeding so fast I couldn't find the wound. So I took the blue yarrow and put two drops straight on my finger and started gently rubbing it around in the middle of the blood. At this point there was so much blood I couldn't really even identify the source or the wound. I waited about 30 seconds then started to mop up the blood from his mouth again and this time I was able to get it all out of his mouth and the wound wasn't bleeding anymore. He had a hole in his tongue with tissue hanging, however he said he was fine and hungry so means the bleeding was stopped I let him eat. He didn't experience any pain and a few hours later when i checked the wound it was sealed and even the flap of skin had fused back together.
Many people hold off on getting the Blue Yarrow because it is expensive, however you need to have some in your household. You will be so thankful you do when a wound happens and it just may save you a trip to the emergency room. Blue Yarrow will stop bleeding and seal up a wound as you watch.
So please as soon as you can make sure to add Blue Yarrow to your home oil supply, you wont regret it if you do.

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  1. Blue Yarrow is indeed amazing and that's good advice to buy some. I'd add that once bought it's important to have it on hand when you need it so keep a small bottle in your house, in your car, wherever you are going to be. Yarrow works so fast you can almost watch the wound be healed.

    Great blog. Keep up the good info!


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