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Young Living Essential Oils… Are They Worth It?

I was first exposed to Young Living Essential Oils in 2006 when I was at a friends house and got an excruciating headache. She pulled out a little bottle of Cinnamon and put a drop on my tongue and had me push it to the roof of my mouth. It worked and I was amazed, but natural healing was a brand new concept to me and I was still of the mindset that a pill was what you took when you were sick or hurt. So a few months went by and I broke a bone in my foot. My same sweet friend gave me a whole batch of oils and a regimen of application and I decided to follow her advice means we were without insurance and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. To my amazement, I was on the crutches less than a week and the oils really decreased the pain in my foot and from that time on I was sold. In early 2007, I became a distributor for Young Living and I love their oils. They smell pure, crisp and they were effective on most all the ailments I used them to treat. I think their oils are wonderful. However, my problems with Young Living started as soon as I bought the Essential Oil Desk Reference.

The EDR is an amazing book filled with detailed information about all the oils and a listing of ailments and application methods. When I saw the amazing amounts of sickness that can be helped with essential oils I began to see that in order to switch completely to natural healing I would need an arsenal of oils. Here in lied my problem with Young Living. Being a single income family as I stay home to raise my wonderful children, we don’t have an excess of extra income. Young Living’s prices were so high that I could only afford to obtain one or maybe two oils a month. I found that with the more common oils, such as Peppermint and Lavender, I was going through close to a bottle a month so I was replacing those monthly and had no money left over to get other oils to treat other illness or ailments. I also found I was conserving oils. So my children would come to me with a stomach ache and I would really assess the pain level and only if it was above a certain level would I use some of our precious oils. This was a frustrating balance in our family, but I loved the oils and the healing we were able to have and so I was resolved to keep at it.

Then one day in 2008, my same friend who introduced me to oils originally called and told me about a new company she had just discovered, whose oils were a fraction of the price. That company was Butterfly Express. I looked on their website and was amazed at the prices. They had, for the most part, all the same single oils as Young Living. In addition, they had a selection of blends and a comparison chart of their blends to Young Living. So, for instance, Young Living has Thieves oil and Butterfly Express has an equivalent called Deliverance and they have the same single oils contained in them but in different amounts. After viewing the website, I was encouraged by the inexpensive prices for example peppermint oil, which I paid $19.75 for from YL (wholesale) was only $7.00. That is more than half price. The first thing I did was get on the phone with Butterfly Express and ask them the standard questions. Is your oil pure? Therapeutic Grade? Is it steam distilled? When I was satisfied that they were claiming the oils were as good a therapeutic quality as Young Living I asked the obvious question. How can they be so cheap? My answer was amazingly simple. The goal of Butterfly Express is to get the healing power of essential oils into everyone’s hands so they have kept their company simple. The distributors who buy at wholesale pay a wholesale price and then resell it at a suggested mark up and that is the end of the story. There are no multilevel marketing schemes, expensive marketing campaigns, worldwide travel, expensive call centers. It is just a few people (who I am now on a first name basis with) who want to help people see personal healing. Sharon (the owner) explained to me that when I buy a bottle of Young Living oil, only a very small percentage of the money is going to pay for the oil. Most of it is going towards overhead expenses and for each oil that is sold the distributor gets a cut and all those on his upline get a cut as well and that all adds up to a lot of money. By cutting out all the marketing, overhead and multilevel distributor system, Butterfly Express can offer similar quality oils at a fraction of the cost. I was convinced, so the only thing left to do was to order some oils.

Sharon offered to send me a free bottle of peppermint and the rest is history. I have found no significant therapeutic difference between the oils in my laymen’s opinion. I still use my desk reference to get oil suggestions and my Butterfly Express oils work wonderfully to treat our families ailments. The most beneficial thing is I don’t have to be as conservative on oils anymore. I now have almost 30 oils I keep in the house so that when a situation comes up I have the oils I need on hand. I am able to give freely of the oils to my own family and I can even share them with friends in need. I now clean my house with my oils, use them on our pets, use them in the laundry which are all things I never would have been able to afford to do with Young Living Oils.

I have found for my family that no, Young Living Oils are not worth it. They are wonderful oils and I would not speak a thing against their product, but I just can’t afford to meet all our needs with them. Since discovering Butterfly Express oils, I have started a website where I sell the oils. I want to see all who need the oils able to afford them so I offer them at a discount off the suggested retail price, so you can purchase the oils from me at for even cheaper than the parent company. I really believe in essential oils and I know that there is healing in store for many people who are struggling if they would only step out of their comfort zone with traditional medicine and give them a try.

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  1. This is exactly what I was wondering myself about Young Living vs. Butterfly Express oils. Thank you for the post!

  2. Saved me a lot of research time, thanks!

  3. I discovered Young Living in 2001, I came to Utah for Massage school and they were having their convention. I met a member who came into the restaurant and offered info. I think met a fellow student who was a distributor and the rest was history. Over the years, I have watched the Essential oil field grow. I remember my first encounter with Tea Tree oil in the 90's and finding out, if alcohol was added, it was no good. Then I became a Young Living Member, and bought up books filled with info on their oils. This was really my only interested, the rest of their products did not apply to my Massage Regimen. The greatest thing about Young Living Oils would be the sacrifice they have made over the years, being ridiculed for some of their applications and researchers. They opened the door for many of the companies that stand today. I bought Butterfly Express's Oregano oil out of curiousity and I was blown away! At the time, the other company, Docera was up and coming, plastered all over Facebook. It reminded me of the same motion Young Living went through in the early 00. What prompted me to do a google search on Butterfly Oils, was a young lady, flying past me this morning, with advertisement for Butterfly on her back window. Oh the memories of YL popped up and then I saw something that got me buzzing. Her Area code was 208, which is Idaho. I did some research, involving Doterra also. BOTH of these companies are located in this area, Utah and Idaho. My Thought..and only ME....Well first, Where do Butterfly and Doterra get their Oils? I think they are a "B" grade oil from Young Living Essential. YL has held ground in the west with Oils for so long, there is no way, they would let two companies, one located in a small town, located in Franklin county, Utah, take competition from them. I think Butterfly and Doterra buy bulk oils from YL and resale them under their name. You know the name of the game, If you don't have some form of competition, Rome will eventually fall. Though YL did and Doterra when to court in 2013, Doterra's founders and board members were past employees of YL.

    With that said and the truly close resemblances of all three companies, I LOVE BUTTERFLY ESSENTIAL OILS. I could truly care less if they were bulk from one of the other companies, they are excellent and I am happy the price is lower than competitors. In massage school, My russian teacher would tell us, the most important component in wrinkle removal creams, was your hand moving in a circular motion, just like the directions told you to do. Essential oils are kinda the same, If they are pure with no alcohol base, a Massage Therapist can do wonders with them.

    As the article mentions above, YL has Thieves oil, which is out of this world, They also have the Rainbow Therapy package, something I can't even explain to you, but it's amazing.

    I am happy I saw the lady driving this morning, it led me to look up Butterfly a lil bit more, bringing me to this blog and finding out the company is only 26 miles from me. I plan on using their products more, and yes, price does has a factor in that choice. My hands can do the rest.

    1. after writing above, I noticed on Butterfly's page, the relationship between YL and themselves. So one is still getting a great product, Butterfly is great.


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