Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Are Essential Oils and Why Should I Use Them?

People start using essential oils for many different reasons. Some have no health insurance or are avoiding the healthcare system and are looking for natural, alternative, medicine. Some are tired of brewing endless teas and storing large bags of herbs and tinctures. Others have heard amazing healing testimonies of people who use essential oils, and some just like the pleasant smells . Whatever your reason, essential oils are the most effective, easiest to use, alternative medicine, I have ever used.

Essential oils are highly, concentrated, plant material consisting of shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. The oils are extracted from the plant through distillation which is the changing of the plant material into steam and the collection of the steam. Due to the highly concentrated form of essential oils it may take an entire plant to make one or two drops of oil. This is why instead of drinking two or three cups of herbal tea you can get the same benefit by one drop of essential oil. Essential oils are unlike vegetable or olive oils in that they are not greasy and will not clog pores and will not go rancid in time.

The healing of essential oils can happen through may different body systems. They can be rubbed directly onto a problem area, inhaled, bathed in, diffused into the air, or taken internally. You can use the oils on almost any ailment you would seek medical attention for and unlike over the counter prescriptions, essential oils do not have harmful side effects. They are safe (when used with common sense) and natural.

At ButterflyXpress we are here to help guide you in your purchase and selection of essential oils. We want to educate you to make healthy decisions for your family. Our oils are therapeutic grade which indicates a high quality oil with all the healing properties you need and they are low cost so you can afford to treat all your families needs with them. There are some oil companies on the market who have quality oils, but their prices are so cost inhibitive that most families can not afford to have a good stock of oils on hand to treat their family. With Butterfly Express essential oils, you can afford to keep your family in good health.

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