Monday, June 20, 2011

Wasp Sting

About two weeks ago my son came in screaming and in a panic because a wasp had stung him. He was jumping up and down and dancing and was pointing to his elbow area. I couldn't see anything there so I pulled the Tranquility out of my oil case and mixed it with a carrier oil in my hand and applied it to his neck and chest and cupped my hands over his mouth so he could breathe it in. Tranquility is the perfect oil to stop panic and anxiety. It promotes calmness and a clear head. Once I had applied that he immediately calmed down and stopped screaming. He had tears in his eyes but he could talk to me and we were able to find the wasp sting closer to his wrist. There was a small red dot and then the area around it was raised, red and ugly looking. I put three drops of the Purify oil directly on the sting. Purify is an oil that is great for taking the sting and poison out of spider, ant and bee or wasp stings. It can also be used to clean the air and repel bugs. While I was preparing the oil and putting it on my son is saying he never wants to go outside again and also staying "It hurts, It hurts". About 10 seconds after I put the oil on he quit saying it hurts. I put a bandaid on it and then an ice pack and within 5-8 minutes he jumped up and looked at his sisters and said "Let's go back outside and play". When his father came home and he took off the bandaid you couldn't see a single trace of the wasp sting. I call that and Oil Victory.

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