Friday, June 17, 2011

Stop Bleeding Almost Instantly

We have all been in that situation where we have cut ourselves or our children have an injury and it is bleeding profusely. I know that around our house it is usually picked scabs, bloody noses or bit lips. An amazing oil for all types of bleeding is Blue Yarrow. Yarrow has a long history of association with blood stopping and that medicinal property is reflected right in it's name. The scientific name of yarrow is Achillea Millefolium. Achillea is named for the Greek Hero Achilles (yes as in Achilles heel). Achillies was also featured in that book we all read in high school the "Iliad". Greek Legend says that Achilles took yarrow onto the battle field when he lead the Greeks against Troy. In that bloody battle he used yarrow to stop the blood flow of his warrior's battle wounds.

In my own household I have seen Yarrow work over and over again to stop blood flow even in some of the deep wounds my husband has gotten working outside. It is an amazing thing to watch the tissue around the cut just kind of seal right in front of your eyes. In our most recent incident my son was riding his bike on the pavement and fell off cutting his eyebrow. My husband picked him up and came running in with blood all over both of their shirts and streaming down his face. I wiped it with a paper towel so I could see the extent of the wound and it just got covered with blood so quickly I had a hard time even seeing the actual cut. We laid him down on the table flat and I got the yarrow. Without diluting it I covered his eye so it didn't get in there and then put three drops directly onto the wound. We waited a few seconds and then wiped the blood surrounding the wound and this time the blood wiped away and I could clearly see the wound, it wasn't bleeding anymore.

I have seen yarrow work in just this way several times. I believe Yarrow is a must have for all home medicine cabinets and mothers should carry a small vial in their purse for emergencies. Yarrow is also anti-bacterial so it will clean your wound when you put those first three drops in it. This saves you the extra step of putting something on the wound to clean it. One thing to be aware of is that yarrow is relatively expensive. However you use so little at a time it will last you a long time. Don't wait to purchase it. You never know when you will need it because you can't predict accidents, but you can be prepared for them.

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  1. What a great natural remedy! It's fascinating that yarrow stops bleeding so quickly and is antibacterial ... how great. Thanks to this post, I'll buy a bottle of yarrow the next time I'm out. (Should I look for an essential oil of yarrow?)

  2. I have only used Yarrow essential oil to stop bleeding. Just a drop or two right on the wound!!

  3. Cara, I am blessed and encouraged to use yarrow. I love essential oils and now I am armed with information. As an old RN, I believe we need to be prepared. thank you for sharing, and I do hope you will return on Wednesday again and again!

  4. Sorry, Cara, I forgot I was on Day2day joys! LOL I thought you were on my link-up! I would like to invite you to link-up at for "Encourage One Another" Wednesday. This is the kind of information I want more of...

  5. Very interesting!!! Thanks for sharing w/ Healthy 2Day Wednesday! Hope to see you back next week!


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