Friday, June 17, 2011

Staying Healthy During The Winter!

We are all looking for that secret remedy to staying well during the winter. I can't promise you, no colds or flu but if you follow some of the advice in this article it will be very unlikely you will be infected. Our family used to catch every little thing that came along. We could count on some sort of flu, cold, stomach virus etc..all winter long. However last winter was the first year I can remember where we didn't catch a single cold. We did two things to make this happen.

Secret #1: Stop eating Cane Sugar.
Ok don't click away from the page in horror at that statement. Amazingly enough you can live without cane sugar with just a few lifestyle adjustments. Cane sugar is a fascinating study in it's history and it's effect on the body. I would encourage any of you seeking out health to do a study on sugar and decide for yourself. For the purposes of this article we will just touch on the fact that cane sugar decreases your immune system. Cane sugar is basically a poison that when entering your system your body's immune system attacks it just as if it were a flu or virus. So you drink a big old coke for lunch and then stand next to someone coughing in line at the supermarket an hour later, you are bound to get sick. Your immune system was fighting the sugar so couldn't send full forces after the cold bacteria or virus, thus you get ill.

Secret #2 Create a Sickness Prevention Spray with Essential Oils
I have created my own sickness spray that is like the anti-bacterial gel you get in the grocery store, however it is much safer for your health. You get a small glass dark tinted spray bottle. Small so you can carry it everywhere and glass so that the essential oils don't erode the plastic. I fill in almost full with Colloidal Silver. Then I add 10 drops of Deliverance and 5 drops of Peppermint. I take this spray and multiple times during the day when we are out of the house I spray our mouth, hands and faces with it. Colloidal silver is a natural form of anti-biotic and can eradicate many nasty bugs. Deliverance is an essential oil blend sold at which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Peppermint is also anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

This year I had been faithful with the sickness spray and saw many people around us get the flu and one Sunday at church I was distracted and didn't spray my family down with the spray and wouldn't you know a few days later my son got sick. I immediately started oils on the rest of the family and we have so far not been infected. So I know the spray is working.

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