Friday, June 17, 2011

Should I take Essential Oils Internally??

As a society we have been raised to think that in order to get healing we need to swallow something, whether it is a pill or a liquid. With essential oils we have to reprogram our thinking. Essential oils have a molecular structure, making them able to easily absorb into the skin and then treat the intended systems of the body. They are able to do this by what is known as Hilton’s Law of Physics. This law states, basically, that our skin is connected to our tissue which is connected to our internal organs and so on. So that when you rub the essential oil on your skin it absorbs and is able through your body systems to treat your internal body structures. So rubbing oil over your stomach is just as effective as swallowing it.

Butterfly Express essential oils are pure and therapeutic grade so technically those that are regarded as safe to take internally can be, however, it is not recommended for two reasons. The first being that there are only some essential oils you can safely take internally. So you must know, without a doubt, that the essential oil is regarded as safe to take internally before consuming. The second reason is that people rarely have severe reactions to oils that leave them hospitalized or cause death, but in those rare cases that Butterfly Miracles writer Laree Westover has seen; those severe cases involved someone overdosing on essential oils internally. So when taking the oils internally you are assuming a higher level of risk you don’t have to worry about when applying the oils on your skin or inhaling. The worst that will happen on your skin is a rash or burning both of which can be quickly treated.

So Yes you can use some oils internally, but you are assuming a certain personal risk when you do, so try rubbing the oils on your skin and inhaling first to see if that has the desired effect. I personally use a drop of peppermint on my tongue regularly for stomach aches and have never experienced a problem. Just proceed with caution and start small when taking internally.

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