Monday, June 20, 2011

Must have Oil for Mommies

When I first began using essential oils I was leery of the idea that essential oils can help or change your emotions. I didn't want to rely on an external force to change the emotions and feelings I was supposed to be turning over to God to minister to. However the more I have learned about the connection scents have to our brain the more convinced I have become of their usefulness not only physically but emotionally as well. Here is a link I found explaining some of the scientific aspects of essential oils and their effect on mood . This area of essential oil use is an entire area that is worthy of more investigation.

There is an essential oil that is a must have for stay at home mothers that has helped me tremendously. It is called Beloved and is a blend containing bergamot, geranium, lemon, mandarin, sweet orange and ylang ylang. Beloved is to be used when you feel out of sync with your loved ones or overwhelmed by your responsibilities to them. It helps Moms who spend so much of their day ministering to the needs of their family really focus on why they serve them. It is easy to become distracted with dirty diapers, spilled food, broken dishes and sibling fights and forget why we were convicted to stay home in the first place. This oil will help calm you and remind you of the love you have for your family.

I know it sounds impossible that an oil can accomplish all of that, however I have had some great results with it. I have started wearing it as a perfume and it helps me feel more loving and at peace throughout the day. I will also sometimes inhale from the bottle if I am feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities.

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