Monday, June 20, 2011

First Aid with Essential Oils

There are many many ways you can use essential oils in an emergency situation. There are oils to help with bleeding, cuts, scrapes, burns, breaks, sprains and the list can go on. However the first issue to address in regards to essential oil first aid is the availability. Two factors play into their availability.

First of all, you have to have purchased the oils prior to the emergency. Good, quality essential oils are not available at your local Walgreen's or even your local health food store. Therapeutic grade pure essential oils can, at this point in time, only be found online. Reputable companies buy the plants or oils directly from farmers then steam distill them and bottle on site. If, in an emergency, you do buy Lavender for a burn from your local health food store, there is a good possibility it is not pure but rather mixed with an oil called lavendin. Lavendin can make the burn worse and cause more damage rather than the healing of pure lavender oil. I would recommend making a first aid list or obtaining one created by someone else online. In this list brainstorm the possible emergency situations you can face with your family. Look up essential oils to help and how to apply them. Next start ordering the oils as your budget allows.  Overall it is important that you have already purchased the oils prior to the emergency and you are prepared to use them. Keep your first aid list and application instructions together with your oils. In an emergency you will not have time to go to your essential oil book or computer to look up application methods.

The next factor in preparing for an emergency is accessibility. If you have bought the essential oils but can't find them or leave them at home you will not be able to use them in an emergency. I would suggest keeping your first aid oils separate from your main oil supply. This will allow you to easily grab them and there will not be as many oils to sort through to get the oil you need.  Many good oil cases are available online such as these from  An oil case that allows you to see the oil label at a quick glance is the best one for a first aid kit. Now as you leave the home, you can either get in the habit of grabbing your first aid kit and taking it with you; or you can consider assembling a miniature first aid kit to carry in your purse or car. Sample bottles also sold at the above website allows you to separate your oils into smaller bottles more easily carried in your purse or car. 

Just a disclaimer on the above article. Emergency situations may require doctor and hospital intervention. Make a good sound judgement call when dealing with emergencies, but still keep the oils open as an option for some of the smaller emergencies.

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