Monday, June 20, 2011

Childbirth Series

My best friend that I thank the Lord he has brought into my life, has just recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl. My friend went through a natural at home birth with a plan to use essential ois, so over the next few articles I am going to share with you the oils she used and the success it brought her.

One of her favorite oils during labor was geranium. Geranium is from the plant family Geraniaceae and originates in India and Egypt. Geranium is noted in several essential oil reference books for it's power in regards to women's health issues including hormone imbalance, PMS and general menstrual problems. It is also an antispasmodic, which means it prevents or relieves muscle spasms and contractions. It is also increases blood flow. These two properties are what inspired my friend to try this oil during her labor. Geranium will stimulate circulation, ease breathing and regulates pulse and blood pressure during contractions. She chose all through her labor to diffuse Geranium in her bedroom which is where she planned to give birth. She observed that when the diffuser was running with Geranium her contractions were very regular. They came in slowly gained momentum, peaked and then went out slowly. They were predictable and she was better able to prepare for them and handle them. At one point she had forgotten to refill the diffuser and she noticed that during that time her contractions were more erratic. They would start suddenly and become painful very fast. So from this experience my first Labor recommendation would be to diffuse Geranium right next to where you choose to labor and have someone assinged to keep it running. Please check back soon for another article on Essential oils during labor.

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