Thursday, June 16, 2011

Butterfly Xpress: Affordable Essential Oils

Choosing the company you purchase essential oils from is one of the most important steps in bringing natural healing into your home. Due to the lack of efficient, accurate, regulations regarding essential oils, you should have a trusting relationship with your essential oil provider. After detailed research, I have concluded Butterfly Express to be the best provider of essential oils.

My first criteria for choosing a provider was the purity and quality of the oils. Butterfly Express contracts with farmers and oil dealers throughout the world to purchase pure, essential oils. They ensure in their contracts that no pesticides, fertilizers or any chemicals are used on the plants and herbs as they are being grown. Upon purchasing the oils, they receive written specification sheets guaranteeing that the oils are pure and undiluted and are not mixed with chemicals or fillers. Butterfly Express does their own in home testing as well and they are confident that they are selling pure, therapeutic grade, oils. Upon using their oils, I have seen no indication that the oils lack in purity or are not of the highest quality. The same ailments I treated with Young Living oils, I have likewise treated with Butterfly Express at the same level of healing.

My second criteria was affordability. As I have mentioned in a previous article, I was unable to supply my family with the oils we needed, on a limited budget, going through other essential oil companies. However, with Butterfly Express oils, I am able to supply all of our families oil needs and we are able to be liberal with our usage. Butterfly Express retail prices are far below their competitors. If you purchase the oils through my website at you will receive an even greater discount off the retail price. I was so blessed by the oils, I decided to become a distributor for their company and I am able to set my prices anywhere above wholesale I choose. I wanted to set my prices to be as affordable as I could, while still paying for expenses, so you will see that my website is currently the least expensive provider online of the Butterfly Express brand.

The third criteria was customer service. Butterfly Express is dedicated to customer service and has been providing support for oil users for 17 years. When you call them on the phone you will not speak to a random operator in a large call center like other oil providers. You will likely speak to one of four people including, the owner and her husband. They will always take the time to answer your questions and give you oil suggestions. Mirroring that dedication to customer service on my website you are able to contact me with any questions about essential oils you may have. While I don’t have the length of experience Butterfly Express does, I do have most of their resources and I can share my personal experiences or give you advice from the resources I have. If you have an issue or question I can not answer, I will either call Butterfly Express with your question of give you their direct phone number.

Having been a customer of Butterfly Express for almost 3 years now, I believe they are truly the best oils for the price. They are effective, pure, therapeutic and affordable. We are all dedicated to providing you with the support you need to use your oils confidently and start healing your family.

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