Monday, June 20, 2011

The Burn Experiment

Lavender is described as the oil to use for burns. It relieves the sting and helps speed healing by regenerating the tissues. Recently a friend of mine decided to put Lavender to the test in a little experiment. She was playing tug of war with her children and she got a rope burn across her arm. She went home and applied decided to try an essential oil experiment. She applied lavender essential oil from Butterfly Express to just the middle of her burn. She did this three times in the next two days and as you can see from the pictures the middle of the burn where she applied the Lavender, healed. By day three the skin had regenerated. It is not almost two weeks from the burn and looking at her arm there might even be a scar on the skin she left untreated. Lavender is an amazing oil for burns and a must have for every first aid kit.

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