Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to go "No Poo" with Essential Oils

First off I must give a disclaimer. I love my hair and I like to keep it looking as nice as I can. I have always used the best products I can afford and when money allowed I was first at the salon for haircuts, etc. So the entire idea of no longer using shampoo or products, let alone going 4-5 days between washings was a tough concept for me to get ahold of. However, after reading all the articles out there about going No Poo and how manageable and soft it will make your hair and how much less oil I would have I decided to give it a try.
My first attempt was about 3 months ago and it was a disaster. I used the baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar route and by day 2 my hair was a disgusting greasy mess. I quit after 3 days because I just couldn't stand myself. After about a month I decided to try again and this time I only changed one thing. I added essential oils to the previous routine and my results this time have been amazing. I have went through none of the greasy hair days as I did last time, and my hair feels and looks fantastic. Here is exactly what I am doing.
Before Shower
Before I get in the shower I mix about 1/3 cup of baking soda in a bowl with 4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil (lemon is great for controlling oil and grease). Then I add just enough water to make a loose paste. I then apply the paste to my roots all over my scalp and massage it in.
Next I make my conditioner. I have a plastic squeeze bottle I bought from the travel section of Target. I fill it 1/4 full of apple cider vinegar 3/4 full of water and then I add 5-10 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil.
During Shower
As I get into the shower I rinse the baking soda out of my roots and scrub my scalp. I then put all my hair over my shoulder and I shake up the Vinegar mix and I saturate my ends from about my ears down. I then turn the shower on cold and rinse the vinegar out with cold water. The cold water helps to close the hair follicles making your hair smoother.
That is exactly my NO POO plan. I am currently going two days between doing this, on my off day I either don't wet my hair at all or I use only water on my hair. I plan on giving myself another few weeks and then trying to go 3 days in between cleanings. I am very impressed with my results. My hair is soft, smooth, ungreasy and this is way cheaper than buying all those styling products.

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  1. Hi! I linked to your blog through following links on other blogs. I started at Time Warp Wife and ended up here! Your essential oils posts really caught my attention. I started cloth diapering in April and so I come across the terms from time to time and I've been wondering about them but haven't taken the time to learn about them. My daughter and I have been trying to go poo free with okay results. We've been using just the baking soda and vinegar. My daughter really needs more moisture in her hair as it gets really dry looking - even with only washing every 2 or 3 days! How is your plan working for you with the essential oils added in? You commented why you chose lemon oil, so I wondered why you choose rosemary?

  2. Well Rosemary oil is a wonderful hair oil. It will add smooth and shine to your hair and some even say it helps them with new hair growth. I think you just inspired my next blog post. I will do a profile of Rosemary. The only problem I have had so far is some baking soda build up on my scalp. So about once a week I shampoo with a regular organic shampoo to help clear up any build up. So it is not perfect yet but the essential oils made all the difference for me. I also still use a hair shining spray from the salon so that will be my next thing to replace. I have a formula so once I make it and use it I'll let you know how that goes.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate your very prompt reply! I look forward to reading your blog and learning things along the way.

  4. I've found that using a boar bristle brush really helps to get rid of the baking soda build-up!


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